Help Save Lives


Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the age group from ten years old to thirty-four years of age (National Institute of Mental Health, 2020). In the United States, Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death; falling close behind Kidney failure and Influenza. There are a handful of organizations dedicated to reducing the rate of Suicide in our Nation however; there is not enough support for the fifty-one million people suffering with mental illness combined with survivors of Suicide, and those who are directly affected. Worth It aims to provide resources to the community, lessen stigma surrounding mental illness and Suicide, and provide support. Worth It is visible in communities by way of the JAG Wagon (converted 40ft School Bus), participating in local events, and with coalitions and partnerships. Our group has worked with nationally known organizations to further the reach of Suicide Prevention efforts. We aim to be the link between individuals and established resources.




Wellness is Worth It. Positively impacting perceptions of self-worth to diminish Suicide.



Providing resources in a variety of areas that bring hope to individuals experiencing plight; emotionally, mentally, and physically.



L – Listen Non-judgmentally

I – Intentional Actions

V – Venerable Remedy

E – Empathetic Support